Introducing the UpDayton Project Incubator


UpDayton inspires & empowers young professionals to create the Dayton, Ohio they want – a thriving place to live, work, play and learn.


Discover a city on the rise.

UpDayton's Discover Dayton program provides eye-opening experiences of our city and region. Awaken yourself to the amazing things to see, do and explore in Dayton! This is great for college students, relocated employees, early career professionals, and anybody who just wants to know Dayton better!

Lead the way to a better community.

Through the UpDayton Project Incubator program we inspire & empower young professionals to become impactful difference makers, the next generation of civic leaders, cause champions, creative dreamers and talented doers in the community. We develop and create opportunities for young Daytonians to take the leap into these roles both inside and outside our organization.


"Want to change world? Start with your city."

Lee Fisher, CEOs for Cities