Volunteer Opportunities

If you’re interested in any of these opportunities email us and let us know your area of interest and we’ll get you set up!


Discover Dayton

UpDayton provides perception-changing events and outings for young professionals and college students. We work with local employers and college campuses to identify individuals and groups looking to get more connected to the community.

Gem City Adventures
Plan and coordinate the best of Dayton area arts, recreation, dining and entertainment.

Building Campus Connections
Build in-roads with local campuses to encourage students to go beyond the borders of their campus and experience our community.

Guides & Resources
Create, collect and distribute the Gem City Adventure Guide as well as maps, brochures and other resources that help people find Dayton's many hidden gems.

Event Hosts
Host program participants at your favorite community events.



Broadcast UpDayton and our projects to the community to grow the organization’s reach and impact. Roles include:

Social Media
Strengthen UpDayton's presence on social media platforms.

Website & Blog
Keep the organization's digital home up to date and effective.

Media Relations
Push newsworthy UpDayton stories to local media outlets and build relationships with local reporters and platforms.

Oversee UpDayton's direct communications with volunteers, leaders, community partners and the public. (MailChimp)

Branding & Design
Assure that the organization's message is always professional, clear and engaging. Put your design skills to good use!


Projects & Summit

The Summit Team plans the organization's signature annual event, the UpDayton Summit. On top of creating the event, the team oversees the process of submitting and selecting projects to be pitched at the Summit. Once the Summit is over, the team transitions to supporting and monitoring the winning projects. Roles include:

Project Development (January - March)
Help project leaders refine their ideas and submit them.

Event Planning (May - September)
Put the pieces together for a great audience experience in addition to volunteer and vendor coordinating.

Registration (July - September)
Manage the sign up and payment system leading up to the event.

Project Pitch Coaching (September)
Coach presenters on the content and delivery of their project pitch.

Project Support (Year Round)

Assure that UpDayton projects have what they need to keep moving forward.