2017 UpDayton Summit
Project Preview

Meet the people pitching projects at this year's Summit! 

Jason Antonick
Rooftop RendezView

Jason knows that downtown Dayton is booming with new development, but word has only just begun to reach the rest of our region. His project brings a one-of-a-kind event to life on the roof of the Transportation Center garage.


Tom Everhart & Beth Miller
Wagtown™ Dog Track

Beth and Tom believe dog-friendly communities are better communities for everyone. Their project seeks to create a dog-friendly walking route connecting Webster Station and the Oregon District.

Jerod Frenzl
Community Garden Expo

Jerod came to Dayton through the AmeriCorps program and has been too involved in the community to think about moving anywhere else. His project teaches residents of all ages how to grow their own produce and use it in everyday cooking.

Christine Hamilton
Third Street Three

Christine Hamilton is a City of Dayton police officer. She sees first-hand how community pride counteracts vandalism and strengthens neighborhoods. Her project brings together police, artists, neighbors and the courts to create three murals along the East Third Street corridor.

Wes Hartshorn & Jeff Paul
Carnival on a Corner

Wes & Jeff, performing artists themselves, want to fill the streets of downtown Dayton with fire jugglers, musicians and more. Their project seeks to inspire new audiences and support for these artists.

Nick Hrkman  Project Title: Artruist A little bit about Nick's project.

Nick Hrkman

Nick is generous with his time volunteering to support all kinds of organizations in the community. His project inspires volunteers to give more by rewarding them with works from local artists.

Karlos Marshall & Moses Mbeseha
The Reading Park Project

Karlos and Moses are the co-founders of The Conscious Connect, Inc., a nonprofit with the mission to eradicate urban “book deserts.” Their project seeks to turn underutilized spaces along the Salem Peace Corridor into welcoming places to read a book, have an event, or learn something new.

Amanda Miller & Lauren White
Beyond Addiction

To Lauren & Amanda the heroin epidemic isn’t just a headline—it’s personal. Their project challenges us to think differently about people challenged by addiction and our role in supporting them.

Bryan Stewart
Project Rebound

Bryan is a huge advocate for a more connected community. His project seeks to use basketball and other sports as a way to bridge divides and boost Dayton children.

Devon Stinson
Comfort Bags

Devon is a former foster youth with a passion for giving back and telling her story. Her project seeks to partner with Agape for Youth to expand their Comfort Bags program.


Robert Walker
It's All Downhill from Here

Robert is a downtown entrepreneur and a champion for Dayton. His project brings the soap box derby, a Dayton invention, back to our city with some new twists.


Marshall Weil
Day of Intentional Discomfort (DID)

Marshall believes Dayton is a place where you can make anything happen. His project challenges us to go beyond our comfort zone to explore Dayton places we’ve never been with people we've never met.