Project Preview

Join us at the Dayton Art Institute on Thursday evening, April 26th to hear these project leaders pitch their community project ideas!


Event Schedule
(approximate times)

5:30pm - Event Begins
6:00pm - Opening Program
6:15pm - Project Pitch Group 1
6:45pm - Break
7:00pm - Project Pitch Group 2
7:30pm - Project Voting
7:45pm - Announcement of Winners
8:00pm - Post-Event Social at Table 33

Jonathan Platt.JPG

Jonathan Platt | Story Chain

Reading aloud to children builds their vocabularies, increases their chances of academic success later in life, and strengthens their relationships with their caretakers. But for many incarcerated parents, providing these benefits to their kids isn’t an option. Story Chain wants to fix that. With the help of libraries, community centers, and volunteers, Story Chain will provide parents in detention facilities with children’s books to read aloud, coaches to help them rehearse and record, and mp3 players to send home.

Marquinta Walker.jpg

Marquinta “Marcy”  Walker | Mission: Fit Dayton

A healthy community is a happy community. Mission: Fit Dayton is a friendly, city-wide fitness competition where neighborhood teams are challenged to eat healthy and be active. Teams of neighbors will receive points for activities like taking a group bike ride, going to yoga class together,  hosting a workout in their neighborhood park, and serving the community through cleanups and other community service projects. Your support of the project will help us build muscles and community at the same time!

Christina Wolfer.jpeg

Christina Wolfer | Free Intelligent Conversation

Each of us has something to share and something to learn. Free Intelligent Conversation is about creating opportunities to learn from each other’s life experiences through meaningful, intentional face-to-face conversations. What would you do if you saw someone holding a sign in the middle of downtown Dayton that said “Free Intelligent Conversation?” By continually seeking to learn from others, we can improve ourselves, break down social barriers, and build a better community.

Travis Small _ Margherita Romano.jpg

Margherita Romano & Travis Small | The Dayton Jabber

Every Daytonian needs a good laugh. The Dayton Jabber is a monthly comedic newspaper written and assembled by and for Daytonians. It promotes a positive outlook and uses humor to bring people together. You can be part of the Dayton Jabber team by creating content, delivering papers, or telling people about the publication. Let’s help Dayton smile and laugh a little more!

Maya Canaztuj.JPG

Maya Canaztuj | Market Momentum

Dayton is ranked in the top ten in the country when it comes to food insecurity. As Gem City Market works to put a cooperative grocery store on lower Salem Avenue, this project will energize and activate the construction site before the store opens and make sure that every person who drives, rides, walks, and bikes past the site knows that the market is coming and that they can become a member. The project will use public art, events, and your creative ideas to build Market Momentum.

Buddy 2.jpeg

Frank “Buddy” Pitts Jr. | The Neighborhood Good Project

When you look outside your window, what do you see? Children playing freely in the yard? Runners out on their daily jogs? Neighbors swapping stories over a brew and barbecue? Great communities are connected communities, but many neighborhoods in Dayton have been struck with a sense of disconnect. What would happen if, for one year, we focused on building pride, trust, and relationships on one block , in one neighborhood? Through volunteerism and creative placemaking, we’ll work with neighbors to make that single block the spark of pride for the whole city and an inspiration to every block.

Amaha Selassie _ Tiffany Brown.jpg

Amaha Sellassie & Tiffany L. Brown | West Dayton Strong STEAM Lab

West Dayton Strong is an initiative working to support youth in DeSoto Bass whose exposure to trauma while living in an area with low opportunity hinders their ability for educational success.  The STEAM Lab will use hands-on learning opportunities to spark young people’s interest in science, technology, engineering, arts, agriculture and math. Volunteers will work with the West Dayton Strong team to design the lab, connect with youth in a fun learning environment, and help build a sense of community.

Antoine Walker 2.JPG

Antoine Walker | S.H.O.P Talk

For the city to thrive, the men of our community have to be better leaders, partners, parents, citizens, and role models. S.H.O.P (Shaping Homes Of Power) Talk is a pop-up barbershop event that provides a positive discussion forum for the deep rooted issues faced by all men at some point in life. The barbershop atmosphere creates a familiar and neutral place where men can share matters of the heart without judgement.  

Casey Moninghoff.jpg

Casey Moninghoff | Culture Swap

Food sits at the center of our lives.  It’s critical to our survival and serves as the centerpiece of nearly every holiday, celebration, and event.  But too often, in our best lives, we take food - and the connection that comes with it - for granted. The quarterly Culture Swap is an opportunity for us to come together and celebrate different cultures and our common humanity through food.

UpDaytonSummit2015-262 (1).jpg

Aaron Glett | Stella's Rippers Dog Park

At any given time, 1/3 of Dayton’s dogs are within a 30-minute walk from a public park, but few of these parks have designated spaces for dogs, and many are underutilized, making them feel unsafe. The Stella’s Rippers Dog Park project wants to reactivate these spaces with the help of dog owners and their furry friends. By creating designated spaces for dogs in our public parks, we can increase foot (and paw) traffic and change the city…one bark at a time.

Jes McMillan.jpg

Jes McMillan | The Wall of Perseverance

The opioid epidemic has left a gaping wound across our community. Thousands of us have lost loved ones to the grip of addiction. The Wall of Perseverance project invites everyone impacted by this crisis to come together to construct a memorial wall and to place upon it mosaic tiles in honor of each of our loved ones. By uniting around this symbol of both loss and determination, maybe, together, we can begin to heal.

Jamica Garrison.jpg

Jamica Garrison | Rock da Vote Rally

In many Dayton elections, less than 20% of our population votes - sometimes just 10%. As neighborhoods face new challenges, citizens and neighborhoods need to reclaim their voice and take a seat at the table in local decisions. The Rock da Vote Rally is a community event and candidate forum that celebrates voting power and inspires more Daytonians to go to the polls.