Summit Team

The Summit Team plans the organization's signature annual event, the UpDayton Summit. On top of creating the event, the team oversees the process of submitting and selecting projects to be pitched at the Summit. Once the Summit is over, the team transitions to supporting and monitoring the winning projects.

Summit Team Contact
Michelle Ton, UpDayton Chair

If you're looking for more info about the 2018 UpDayton Summit, head here.

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Event Planning (November - April)
Put the pieces together for a great audience experience at the Dayton Art Institute's Gothic Cloister.

Registration (February - April)
Manage the sign up and payment system leading up to the event.

Project Development (February - March)
Help project leaders refine their ideas and submit them.

Elevator Pitch Coaching (March - April)
Coach presenters on the content and delivery of their project pitch.

Project Support (Year Round)
Assure that UpDayton projects have what they need to keep moving forward.


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