Project Team: The Longest Table Dayton

The Longest Table Dayton was a project selected & launched as part of the 2016 UpDayton Summit. It will be continuing into 2017 thanks to enormous community support.

On Saturday, October 15th, 2016 hundreds of Daytonians gathered for a community meal and dialogue on the Third Street Bridge - Dayton's Peace Bridge. The goal of the event was to connect Daytonians from every corner of the city and region, to meet people we never would have met otherwise. People were randomly assigned to a table and spent the afternoon learning about each other and the neighborhoods we love. Learn more at

Longest Table Team Contact
Bryan Stewart, Project Leader

Interested in the Longest Table Team? Let us know!

Event Planning
Help plan the second edition of The Longest Table main event.

Ongoing Engagement
Coordinate monthly events that bring the Longest Table concept into homes, neighborhoods and restaurants.

Promotion & Outreach
Over 600 people from 40+ zip codes signed up to be part of the 2016 event. Help the team continue to grow the project's impact.

Partnership Building
Develop relationships with people and organizations who can help the project grow.

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