UpDayton Project Incubator FAQ

Does it cost anything?

The UpDayton Project Incubator Program is free to participate in - and it's an incredible deal thanks to our generous sponsors. Not only will participants in the program go through a series of nine workshops (led by some amazing individuals), but they'll also pitch their project at the 2019 UpDayton Summit. What better way to make an impact on Dayton?

What is the appropriate project size?

Projects should be able to demonstrate results and action within a 12-month time frame, from idea to completion. If part of a larger initiative, think about a small baby step you could take to make progress. Perhaps research and building a "business plan" so you know what all your idea will take could be an approach for some larger ideas.

When are the workshops, time commitment etc.?

The UpDayton Project Incubator Program is a nine (9) month program with monthly workshops. Each workshop is three hours long and participants are required to attend each workshop (with one attendance exception). There will be "homework" after each workshop. In addition to the "homework, the time commitment for each participant will be dependent upon their project. Participants will also be required to pitch at the UpDayton Summit. As with anything in life you will get out what you put in!

What will I learn?

For starters, you'll learn what it takes to turn an idea into a real, actionable project that can make an impact on Dayton. The workshops will help you define your idea, find strategic partnerships, create the necessary plans to make the project a reality, effectively tell your story, and maximize resources. You'll pick up skills that range from project management, budgeting, marketing, leadership development, self-awareness training, public speaking/pitching, and more. You'll also be connected to a network of individuals within the community that can help you achieve your vision.

What does a workshop look like?

A workshop will last for three hours beginning with a speaker followed by group discussion and time to get work done. Each workshop is tailored to a specific part of a project process. Speakers will be represented by community leaders with experience in the topic and a great people to know!

What if I don’t win at the summit?

Even if you don't win at the summit, you'll still have the opportunity to complete the workshop series and make valuable connections to make your project happen. Many projects that didn't win at the summit still materialized in the community due to the connections that project leaders made just by pitching and the incubator series builds on those opportunities.

If I win the vote at summit for the $1,500 how can I use it?

The money must be used for project-related expenses only and is subject to approval by the UpDayton Board of Directors. In noway should you or your team of volunteers receive personal compensation.

What makes a Successful project?

A successful project is one that has a defined vision and purpose. Having an idea is simply the beginning. A successful project is one where the idea can be cultivated into action that is built on a project plan, deadlines, budget, connections and ultimately community. An open mind to working with others is key because one person cannot do the job, it takes a team! For examples of past projects, check out our previous UpDayton projects at https://updayton.org/projects/

When will I know if I am accepted?

All applicants will be notified no later than May 1, 2019 on the status of their application.

When do workshops start?

The workshops will begin in June happening once a month for 9 months. We ask that you put a hold on the dates ahead of time which are listed on our website: https://updayton.org/updayton-project-incubator-application

What if I have too many conflicts with the workshop dates?

We encourage you to still apply as the workshop dates are tentative. If we receive multiple conflicts we will do our best to schedule around the applicants' availabilities that are accepted into the program. Upon submitting your application please email director@updayton.org to notify us of the dates that won't work ahead of time.