Project Team: Comfort Bags

A young girl enters a new foster home unsure of what lies ahead. What few possessions she has, she carries in a trash bag. This shouldn’t be any child’s story, but for many kids in the foster system, it’s a familiar narrative. By partnering with Agape for Youth to expand their Comfort Bags program, we can ensure that children stepping into a new home have something to call their own.

Comfort Bags Team Contact
Devon Stinson, Project Leader

Comfort Bags Gift Registry

The Comfort Bags gift registry is a great way to see what items can support kids in the foster care system.  Take a look to get some ideas of what is needed.  

Support Comfort bags

Donations go a long way to help Comfort Bags successfully provide items for kids in the foster care system.  Check out the registry for ideas or donate below.  


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