UpDayton Summit History 102


2018 marks the tenth year of UpDayton’s Summit. For the past ten years, young professionals have been coming together at the Summit to share their needs and concerns for the region, and to pitch ideas for building a better Dayton - the city we call home. As we continue our walk down memory lane, we take a look back on the past 10 years of the Summit, and in this post we’ll be covering years 2013- 2017. Prepare yourselves for a lot of talent, innovation and Dayton enthusiasm!

For part one of UpDayton Summit history, check out our previous blog post!

Let’s take a look at 2013. As year five took flight, young professionals and college students came together to brainstorm creative solutions to local problems. A keynote speech was given by Braddock, Pennsylvania Mayor John Fetterman. After discussion and collaboration, UpDayton launched project action plans for the following topics: Livability, Campus and Entrepreneur. The projects formed from these project discussions worked towards accessibility of fresh and local produce, connecting students to the City of Dayton and connecting emerging businesses to resources. Something to highlight from the Campus project was the launch of the Campus Catalyst program, which consisted of five students from the University of Dayton to serve as ambassadors for UpDayton and get students involved in the city.

Now we move into 2014. The theme of this Summit was “Pitch, Vote, Ignite at the UpDayton Summit 2014.” Cynthia Bowen, director of planning and urban design for Indianapolis-based CHA Companies, gave the keynote speech this year, and two State Senators - Bill Beagle and Peggy Lehner - were in attendance at the Summit. However, here is something you may not know. Have you ever seen the Dayton Inspires photo op spots around town? Well, Dayton Inspires was a winning project of the 2014 UpDayton Summit! It started as an initiative focused on helping residents take pride in their city and has morphed into a social initiative working to better connect Dayton residents by removing social barriers. 2014 marked the last Summit Laura Estandia was director of UpDayton. Her contribution to UpDayton was invaluable and she continues to help Dayton and UpDayton through her work with Bike Miami Valley and the Link Dayton Bike Share.

At the 2015 Summit, professionals from all over Dayton brainstormed and discussed many project ideas. You may recognize one of the projects that emerged from this Summit. If you have ever seen or taken the Link Bikes for a ride downtown, then you are familiar with a 2015 project! UpDayton worked with Bike Miami Valley on the project “Bike Racks on Brown,” which expanded from Brown Street into the City of Dayton with a grant from Public Health Dayton and Montgomery County. This initiative helped make bike parking readily available and accessible to all living throughout the downtown area and contributed to the growth of bike culture in the area. 

The 2016 Summit, with the theme of “Dayton is changing for the better. Don’t just sit back and watch. Be part of it. #ideas2action,” was quite different from the previous Summits. In the early stages of planning for the 2016 Summit, new executive director AJ Ferguson broke UpDayton volunteers into groups, and asked for feedback and suggestions for changes to the current Summit process. This brainstorming session proved to be very helpful, as the Summit adopted a new way of operating! In addition to shifting the time of the event from the afternoon to an evening to allow more people to attend, motivated community leaders pitched their project elevator speeches to all who attended the Summit instead of groups formulating projects during the event itself. A project that came out of the 2016 Summit was The Longest Table. Leader Bryan Stewart not only successfully launched the first Longest Table event in October 2016, but with the support of dedicated volunteers, multiple Longest Table events at different venues have continued throughout the entire Dayton area. This project continues its success, and UpDayton could not be more proud!  

In 2017, the Summit continued with the same evening format, but took the project preparation to the next level. Project leaders with ideas came to many brainstorming sessions and worked with seasoned UpDayton volunteers and past project leaders to discuss details and fine-tune their project ideas. The projects were pitched to Summit participants, and votes decided the top three projects.  One 2017 project that continues to touch the lives of youth in Dayton is the Comfort Bags project, led by Devin Stinson. She used her personal story of growing up in foster homes, inspiring a collaboration with Agape for Youth to expand their Comfort Bags program. This project helps to ensure children going to new homes have something to call their own, and know they are not forgotten.

If you want to help write the next chapter of UpDayton history, buy your ticket today to join us on April 26th!


UpDayton Projects of the Past - Pedestrian Bridge Mural

At the 2012 UpDayton Summit, UpDayton volunteers and CityWide Development collaborated to create a project that would make neighborhoods more attractive to young Daytonians. The final idea that became reality was to paint a vibrant mural on the pedestrian bridge connecting the South Park Historic District to the Historic Oregon District over US-35.

To learn more about the team that put together the colorful footpath and the process, check out the video below! 

How UpDayton Has Changed Dayton


Time flies when you’re having fun, right? We at UpDayton have been having so much fun transforming the Gem City into our ideal place to live, work and play, that our tenth birthday seemed to sneak up on us. Dayton was a very different city ten years ago, consisting of one-way streets downtown, orange barrels on I-75 and a skyline that didn’t feature any luxury apartments. In the past ten years Dayton has been reinventing itself, and UpDayton has had a hand in affecting positive change as well. Let’s take a look at some changes Dayton has gone through, and some UpDayton projects that happened alongside them.

During the early-to-mid 10s, Dayton was slowly becoming a more bicycle friendly city. Plenty of two lane roads were being reconstructed to feature one driving lane and one bicycle lane for cyclists who wanted go beyond biking the trails. In 2015, $1 million was invested to create the Link bike program that placed more than 200 bicycles within a four mile radius of Courthouse Square. With the city strongly promoting an active lifestyle, it didn’t take long for UpDayton to contribute to the bicycling wave. One of the winning projects from the 2015 Summit, Bike Racks on Brown, sought to place bike racks near local businesses and neighborhoods near Brown Street. A $10,000 grant from Public Health Dayton & Montgomery County later enable the purchase of 71 bike racks for citywide use.

The election of 2012 brought significant change to the Dayton Metro Library network when more than 60% of Montgomery County voters supported their $187 million renovation plan. This plan sought to makeover the existing facilities and modernize them for the 21st century. Dayton Metro Library recognized that their patron’s needs and expectations were rapidly changing and they hoped this transformation would keep patrons engaged. Also in 2012, the winning Summit project, Diversity in Action, partnered with Dayton Metro Library to create four bilingual ‘Take It and Read It’ stations in the various immigrant communities of Dayton. The goal of this project is to provide the Gem City’s diverse immigrant population with better access to literary resources. To sustain the efforts of the Diversity in Action project into the future, Dayton Metro Library will continue to extend outreach services for funding and replenishment of foreign language books for its shelves.

As you can see, while Dayton is constantly evolving, UpDayton will always be in the mix to supplement the changes. Through the power of volunteer work, the city is able to accomplish its goals and we at UpDayton are able to fulfill our mission of making a better city to live, work and play.

Be sure to register now for the Summit X and see the next wave of projects that’ll be benefiting Dayton! It all takes place at the Dayton Art Institute on Thursday, April 26, 2018 at 5:30pm.

By: Joe Swann

UpDayton Summit 101


You’ve been hearing about the UpDayton Summit for weeks now, but what exactly is it? Whether you haven’t been to a one in years or this is your first time, we’re here to explain all that you need to know about our big annual event!

First of all, the UpDayton Summit is hosted at the Dayton Art Institute in its big Shaw Gothic Cloister event space. Once you park at the museum and head in the main entrance, Summit volunteers will help guide you to the sign-in and registration tables in the Great Hall. Then there is a fair amount of mingling as everyone arrives, so you can shake hands with the best young professionals in the Dayton area.

As the Summit program begins, we will ask you to turn your attention to the stage area. There our project leaders will each make a short presentation about their ideas for the Gem City. Once the presentations have concluded, you will use the ballot you received when you checked in to vote on your favorite projects. We’ll take a break for some food while the votes are counted, and then we will announce the top three winning projects at the end of the night!

Throughout the evening you’ll have the opportunity to volunteer for UpDayton permanent teams, like Marketing or Advocacy. After the summit is over, check our Facebook page for more information about the first meeting for the winning projects if you want to pitch in to make them a reality.

Are you excited to help make real change in our community? Register for the summit today and save your seat. 

Past UpDayton Projects: Dayton Inspires

No matter how long you've been in Dayton, you have probably seen a Dayton Inspires mural around town, or at least seen it pop up in your Instagram feed. The Dayton Inspires project is about so much more than cool photo ops, though. Originally a 2014 UpDayton project focused on helping residents take pride in their city, it has become a social initiative aimed at making Dayton a better place to live while connecting residents across cultural barriers. 

Take a look at some of Dayton Inspires's latest projects in the videos below!