Summit Project Successes - The Longest Table Dayton

In just over a month, hundreds of individuals will descend upon the Dayton Art Institute for what has become the annual Launchpad for volunteer-powered community projects – The UpDayton Summit. While the event itself is filled with excitement and something that is looked forward to all year, the projects that come out of the Summit are the heart and soul of UpDayton. A campaign and selfie wall that has turned into a mantra for the city of Dayton; the painting of a walking bridge bringing together two communities divided by a highway; the purchasing and installation of bike racks around the city to make Dayton more bike friendly; and a table the length of the third street bridge filled with strangers breaking barriers by breaking bread together – those are just a few examples of the projects that got their start at the UpDayton Summit. Because these projects touch so many individuals, we’re going to kick-off a series focused on the 360-degree impact of a project, getting insights from project leaders, project volunteers and community members that have been impacted by the projects. We start with a little teaser from a 2016 project – The Longest Table Dayton. Here’s a recap of the event that happened on October 15, but The Longest Table movement didn’t stop there. Smaller events have been taking place in a variety of locations monthly with the goal of continuing the conversation from the big table. If you want to get involved, visit the Longest Table website for details about upcoming events around Dayton. 

Stay tuned for the next entry in our series and don’t forget to register to attend the UpDayton Summit →