Advocacy Team

Be a voice for young Daytonians and the issues that matter most to them.

The Advocacy Team promotes civic engagement and connects young Daytonians to the people and issues that are shaping the city and the region. The team’s signature event is an annual election forum featuring candidates for each year’s November election. In addition to this event, the team hosts Q&A events with local leaders and seeks out opportunities to strengthen the voice of young professionals in the community.

Advocacy Team Contact
David Young, Advocacy Chair

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Annual Election Forum
Hosts the UpDayton Election Forum to drive engagement and participation with local issues and candidates.

Guest Speakers & Events
Invite community leaders and experts to share their insights on topics of interest or concern to the team. 

Civic Education & Engagement
Inspire young professionals to learn more about how the community works and how they can influence it.

Voter Registration & Turnout
Promote voter participation in the community especially among younger demographics that tend to have low participation rates.  

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