About UpDayton

Mission & Impact

UpDayton seeks to spur economic growth in the Dayton region by attracting and retaining young creative talent. UpDayton wants to show young adults that the Gem City is a great place to live, work and play. And if top-notch creative young professionals want to live in our community, then top-notch entrepreneurs, businesses and investors want to be here, too!

Projects & Programs


UpDayton Teams
Teams of driven & talented volunteers are behind everything UpDayton does – everything from event planning to social media posting, from community clean-ups to bike tours, and even from t-shirt designing to bookkeeping.

Discover Dayton Program
UpDayton provides perception-changing events and outings for young professionals and college students. We work with local employers and college campuses to identify individuals and groups looking to connect more to the community.

The Annual UpDayton Summit
The annual UpDayton Summit is a launchpad for volunteer-powered community projects. At the event, participants vote to decide which creative young leaders will receive $1,000+ budgets and the support of UpDayton to bring their ideas to action!


Leadership Team

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Every team, committee, project and program needs a driver.  UpDayton relies on the time and energy of these leaders who in turn gain invaluable experiences and relationships. Past leaders point to their UpDayton experiences as essential steps toward becoming impactful citizens and community leaders.


Supporters & Partners

Individuals, organizations, foundations and businesses invest in UpDayton to assure that our community has the young talent it needs to thrive. Each dollar we receive is multiplied by the thousands of hours of volunteer time and talent that UpDayton can uniquely leverage. Our dividends come back in the form of experienced young leaders, talented people who choose to make Dayton home, and catalytic community projects that energize our city.